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Real Customer Testimonials

Wichita Falls, TX

I put my new alternator on my E-350 / Triton and all I can say is “WOW” . It pulls both of my air conditioning units without even needing to engage my fast idle switch. Damn glad I found you on the net.

Del City, OK

Hi, my 2012 Jeep Rubicon had been having electrical issues. Sometimes starting and other times if wouldn’t. Then sometimes my stereo system would work and half way through a song my subs just wouldn’t hit anymore. Eventually a few days ago the battery I just bought 3 months ago went bad and my stock 160 amp alternator went out. I got the 250amp alternator from you guys and it came in a day early! So we installed it today! My sound system never sounded this good! I really wasn’t prepared for it to sound that good! I’m very pleased so far. You guys had great reviews which is why I chose to order from you guys!

Killeen, TX

Put your 250 amp alternator in my 2006 Nissan Frontier. Turned on my A/C and headlights at 900 rpm idle then added a 130 amp load to the system. It maintained over 13 volts DC.

Very impressed. Thank you for making a great alternator.

Richard Y.
The Colony, TX

I'd be honored to put a sticker on both sides of my Snap-on truck. Awesome power at the absolute best price!

Annapolis, MD

Just wanted to follow up with you. After I was unable to find a service shop to install for me, I followed your directions step by step and the installation went flawlessly! I installed the alternator over the weekend and took the car for a test drive tonight. I am very pleased with the results! No error codes any more to clear, everything works properly. Enjoyed a nice evening drive with my HID lights shining bright, my sunroof open and my aftermarket audio system sounding like I am at a concert! Thanks again and I look forward to purchasing one for my 1997 Chevy Tahoe next!

Brad S.
Topeka, KS

I would like to say WOW!! I purchased and installed the  fitzall 220A HO alternator from you guys and it is wonderful. It made my system stronger than ever. I am very pleased with the quality and power the  fitzall HO alternator puts out. I highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for a HO alternator. Thank you  powerbastards.com for a great alternator and customer service.

Anthony C.
Minneapolis, MN

I purchased this alternator for my 06 Rendezvous with high expectations and I have to say that I am tremendously satisfied. My vehicle is running like a champ and my system is bangin' 3000 total watts harder than ever (without any lights dimming at all). The service I received from Mike and his group of guys was outstanding and trust me, if something goes wrong during the process Mike will fix it. Damn good guy. A Million Thanks!

Andy J. 
Lubbock, TX

I never leave feedback on items until I really try them out. About a year ago I bought a 3 rotor rx7 that puts out over 600whp. The stock 2 rotor has problems with a 100 amp unit. This car has wicked stereo, high amp cooling fan, water methanol pump, dual fuel pumps, ignition system, stand alone engine management, etc. Put simply, The stock alternator could not keep up. I had to charge the large battery often. I installed a  Fitzall 220A+ and get this, a 6 lb lithium ballistic battery. It has been almost a year and the car starts right up because the battery has 13.4 volts all the time. The alternator at idle puts out over 14 volts! It is literally the best mod I have made on the car. The car is much easier to tune because everything gets the correct juice. I will be putting this on all my muscle cars in the future. This alternator works great with the light lithium batteries IMO. Thanks

Jeffrey G.
Boulder City, NV

Just wanted to commend you on your wonderful product. I recently installed 2 of your  Fitzall 220 amp Marine alternators on my Mercruiser 350 MAG's aboard my 33' Cruiser. What a difference! The power they provide is fantastic! Once they were in, all my power problems were solved. I would recommend these to anyone with confidence and their QUALITY MADE IN THE USA!! Thanks again!

Dan J.
Howell, MI

You sell good quality products, just received my second alternator from your site. Thanks for the prompt shipping as well, you definitely have my recommendation!

Frank S.
Redwood City, CA

First of all thank you! thank you for making a great product. your quality work shows in your quality alternators. im satisfied with my HO alternator for my Trailblazer SS. i am getting my truck "show" ready and was looking to put some stickers in the engine bay. do you have any? i would also like to buy a T-shirt if available. would you contact me at your earliest convenience? i appreciate your time.

Sebastian S.
Escondido, CA

These people are for real. I've tried other HO alternators from very well respected companies in the industry like (names removed). Their alternators always had low output at idle or would burn up after a few months. [They] always told me this was normal for a HO alternator because they work hard and get hot. Then a friend of mine Duane with the CRX tried you guys and that is how I found you. Your alternator was basically half the cost of (name removed) and it has lasted over a year now with zero problems. The best part is it outputs 14.4v at idle with my system blazing, unreal. Do you have any stickers? We both compete and would love to be sponsored by you. Feel free to add this to your customer feedback area.

Thomas K., Kings Welding
Centennial, CO

Well I would like to say thank you for shipping the alternator it is every thing you promised it is hard to find a shop that performs as promised . We have no more problems with the plow and amps for the radio and all the warning lights it works great I am very happy so a big thanks.

Randy M.
Fort Myers, FL

I ordered your 250-amp alternator for my Denali and it was on my door step the next day!!! My system would cause the lights to dim and my battery voltage was 12.4-volts all the time. I've installed your 250-amp alternator and can not believe the difference in how my stereo sounds or how my lights never dim. Adios ear drums!!! :) You guys ROCK!!!

David T.
Hutto, TX

O shit the alternator is bad ass. My car idles so smooth now I don't know if it idled that smooth since I put the car audio system in. My system is even cleaner than before I thought it could not get any cleaner sounding. I will defiantly win my class now. Thanks for the extra power.

(via email)

Just wanted to thank you for creating that  universal alternator that fits many imports. I have a subaru and there were only a couple of choices with limited output. Now that you have the 220amp delco universal, us subaru guys can have real systems in our cars. I'm posting your link on the two sites I visit, maybe some suby folks will visit your site

Grant T.
Bowling Green, KY

I installed fans to my 2001 tahoe 5.3 they are from a 2005 tahoe i used the nelson performance wiring when the fans come on at idle the volts drop to 12.1 to 11.8 and my light dim and the truck stumbles with the stock pos alternator. I installed your 250 ampand man no more problems.

Bill D.
Kissimmee, FL

We used your high output alternator to increase our gas mileage on our 1996 S-10 pickup using a hydrogen generator. We found the more amps we could pour into our homemade cell the more hydrogen it would make. Our stock S-10 alternator was 100 amps I think, the new one from you guys was 250 amps which increased our mileage from 29 mpg to 36mpg. We were thinking of using 2 or 3 alternators, do you sell brackets for that? Thanks for a great product.

Jeff M.
Hobbs, NM

The alternator is fantastic I go to about 40 shows a year including SEMA. And world finals for sound offs. If you send me two stickers I will put them on my truck.

Rick B
 High Performance Research and Development
 Bradenton, FL

Mike, the Alternator for the 2008 Duramax arrived Thursday . It works great. and the quality of the chrome plating looks great...Thank you.... I will be in touch to order more units.

Alex K.
Lincoln, NE

I bought an Alt. from you about a few days ago. I was wondering if you have any logos, stickers, anything that i could slap on my car as a decal and show off when i do my audio comp. I would love to show your products off and represent you!!!

Jason W.
Farmers Branch, TX

just leaving a message to thank yall for making a hi-output alt. runs great!

if i find someone looking for more power in there ride ill tell them to go to  powerbastards.com

Mike M.
Eastlake, OH

I am definitely one satisfied customer, and will refer any body that asks me where to get an ho alternator, to you.

Eric S.
Jersey City, NJ

Just wanted to say thanks for helping out my friend John with mustang alternator. It works perfect.

Stephen F.
Middletown, NY

Thank you very much and the alternator is bad a$$.

Matthew A.
Clinton Township, MI

Hey Mike hows it going? Im emailing you back to say that i am more than pleased with the product i purchased from you guys! Im using the alternator to run a system in my car thats running close to the 6000 watt range and that alternator is holding up surprisingly just fine! However the main reason im emailing you is because i am so happy that you guys helped me out, i want to show you guys off and help do some advertising for you guys by showing you off at car shows and competitions that i go to. And let every body know that out of all the other people they can buy alternators from why they should be running powerbastard.com alts! Thanks again and im looking forward to hearing back from you.

Cody A.
Griffithville, AR

Very awesome product. I can now play my 2400 watt stereo wide open. Thanks.

Lonny L.
Arlington, TX

Thanks again for your quick responses and help. I also really appreciate you getting the alternator here to me on time, good customer service and getting products when you expect them is getting rare these days in the world of Internet business. I will definitely recommend you and if you ever have any decals I would be proud to display one. I owe you a handshake if we ever meet.

Thanks again!

Michael R.
Wolcott, CT

I got the alt and have it installed and would like to thank you. Your product fits and the volts are 14.8 while idle. It has help my audio equipment a lot.From the Sunday I orderedit to the the Friday I installed it was a quick turn around.I also like the factthat you founda alt for me at a good price along with good customer service.The same can not be said for some othercompanies. Just wanted to letyou know I am veryhappy with the product andI will recommend you website toothers. Thanks again

Richard Y.
The Colony, TX

Mike, just a note to confirm that your alternator is everything you said it was. It outcharges the Leece Neville units easily. It has considerably less electrical noise as well. I was skeptical at first, but am now impressed. The only test left is durability. If I can get a year out of it I'll certainly purchase another.

Good job.

Anthony G.
Okeechobee, FL

Hey I just installed my alt and it's sweet it made a huge difference in my engine performance and my sound quality! I really wanna support you guys please send me a sticker so when I go to car shows I represent.

Thank you and all the hard work u put into making my alternator.

Garret D.
Chico, CA

1996 Toyota 4Runner-5vz-fe motor. Very easy install, took maybe 1hr plus a couple parts from local hardware store-$2 total. I used double 0 AWG just to be sure I get the most juice possible. I am powering a 3k RMS stereo+electric radiator fans.

Sean P.
Corydon, IN

Working great its in a 97 Volkswagen gti 2.0 got the  Fitzall and stock alternators both running the Fitzall is for my 4000rms system thanks and might be switching out stock for another thanks again

Michelle W.
Deltona, FL

I will refer your site to everyone !! Fastest shipping ever. From placing the order to UPS shipping info to my e-mail inbox with tracking info, less than 3 hours. Impressive!!

Robert A.
Duluth, GA

I have installed the  Fitzall 220A and it is working perfectly. I have it spinning 1700 at idle 900rpm and at 2100 (top end) it is spinning 4700. We ran our train for 8 hours Saturday and 7 house Sunday with a record of 940 passengers. There was no problem with the electrical system keeping up.

John B.
Washington, DC

So far so good on the alternator, though you need a cooler sticker to fit the awesome name you sport , little more stylish. thanks for the speedy delivery and work on the sticker and send me one if you change it .

Brent S.
Columbus, OH

Well, installing the alternator was easy.

Installing the new radiator and electric fans took me all day. lol

I've got to say, I'm extremely impressed! The alternator was a direct bolt on.

I would also like to say the shipping was amazing. The alternator was packaged very nicely!!! The shipping was fast!!!

I'm truly impressed. I've been in need of a more powerful alternator but one that was a direct bolt on and this one fit the bill.

Thanks Mike - I will totally recommend you products to others!

Grant B.

Hi Mike!

Just dropping you a line to let you know the Alternator arrived safe and sound andto let you know how impressed I am with it. So much better than the original and handles everything easily.

Thanks for all your help and the fast shipping, it is much appreciated.

Thanks once again!

Darrell G. 
Houston, TX

Hey power bastards I just wanted to say thanks my new alternator works great for the components that I have in my truck will be in touch with you all for more goodies.

John S.
Gainesville, GA

I am now running my car on a power bastards alternator. Does such a good job that I put your decal on.

Gregory K.
Stuart, FL

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the alternator dropped right in and works perfectly!! It's charging my front battery at 14.2 Volts and its charging my rear battery at 14.1 Volts!! Not only that, but it looks really awesome too!!! You rock thank you!!! I wound up taking your advise and I went with a steel belted serpentine belt!! Totally going to recommend you to my friends!! Thanks again! I'll be sure to give you a call when I trade this vehicle in!!

John K2JPV

I Have my Powerbastards Alternator for a few weeks now. It Runs all my high end equipment and MY HIGH POWER HAM RADIO AMPLIFIER ,Im making radio contacts 8000 miles away as If I was a local there.

Thanks PowerBastards!

St. Charles, MO

Hey Mike, Just finished the install on my 2008 F-150 FX4. The output has helped all of my performance upgrades to finally perform at their full potential. Thanks and I will highly recommend you to all of my friends.

Mount Vernon, WA

The alternator is wonderful!

If you wish to add your testimonial to our web site please email us at   sales@powerbastards.com.

Thank you! 

-Team PowerBastards