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0 Gauge Alternator Wiring Upgrade

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All New for 2024! The BIG ZERO WIRE KIT

0 GAUGE WIRING FUSE BLOCK KIT for Automotive High Output alternator installations up to 350A+.

Super Easy Install: This kit is pre-assembled. No soldering or crimping is required! See instructions below.

This kit is usually recommended when changing over your original alternator to a high amp unit. If the factory OEM wiring is not upgraded, voltage drop can occur and your new high amp alternator may not perform to its maximum potential! The BIG ZERO WIRE KIT ensures your high output alternator has an adequate sized wire path to your vehicles battery and it also protects from short circuits via the 250A fuse. Ultimately it also ensures maximum voltage delivery to your high amp accessories.

Included in the kit:

  • OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) RED 1/0 AWG Cable Made in the USA
  • Copper terminal rings pre-installed and heat shrink tubing
  • RED Ring Terminal Boot Cover 
  • 1 ANL Fuse Block with Cover
  • 1 ANL 250 AMP Fuse

This "do it yourself" wiring kit is easy to install and highly recommended when using a high output alternator on your vehicle.

About Our Wire:

This 1/0AWG 0 Gauge extreme battery cable is specially designed to meet the demands of various environments while staying extremely flexible.  Full AWG sized copper conductor made from 99.9% pure annealed electrolytic copper (ETP, OFC), will you get maximum power. The insulation and jacket compounds are specially formulated to stay flexible even in cold weather and carry a -49C to 105C temperature rating. The jacket is resistant to chemicals, water, abrasions, oil, sunlight and has a color coded dual extrusion jacket with a white inner insulation which would show any damage to the outer cable more clearly. This cable is rated up to 600 Volts and is suitable for use in automotive applications, solar battery bank wiring, power inverter battery cables, marine battery cables and many other applications calling for a durable yet flexible battery cable. The battery cables meet the requirements of SAE J1127 and J378 making them ABYC and US Coast Guard approved for boat and marine use.

Experience the Power of Real Copper

At PowerBastards, we exclusively use 100% pure copper in our cables, ensuring superior conductivity and power delivery. Unlike Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) cables, which contain a core of aluminum that significantly reduces efficiency, our real copper cables deliver maximum performance without compromise.

Why Choose Real Copper?

  • Enhanced Conductivity: Copper is a superior conductor compared to aluminum, allowing for more efficient power transfer.
  • Smaller Cable, Bigger Power: With real copper, you need thinner cables to transmit the same amount of power as thicker CCA cables.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Our pure copper cables are more durable and reliable, ensuring that your systems run smoothly for longer.

Beware of CCA Cables

Many manufacturers opt for CCA due to its lower cost, but what you save upfront could cost you more in efficiency and durability. CCA cables require approximately two sizes larger than our pure copper cables to approach the same level of power delivery.

Choose the Best—Choose PowerBastards

If maximum efficiency and reliable power delivery are what you seek, choose our pure copper cables. Don't settle for less.

Click Here for Install Instructions

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This replaces the big 3
- 9/19/2023
I was glad to find a much easier solution than the 'big 3' wire upgrade. Most cars only need to have the main battery cable upgraded which is exactly what this power bastards kit provides. This is very easy to install. I like the fuse and the wire is extrread more
Makes all the difference
- 4/25/2022
I picked up this wiring kit with a my new alternator on tuesday based on the techs recommendation and sorry i can't remember his name. This wire kit made a huge differnece in my system performance. Thank you!!! Powerbastards!!!
Superman of alternators
- 11/7/2020
Do not screw around with other products. Order here! Third time and they have not let me down yet.