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1958 - 1959 6.3L V8 (383c.i.)

1959 - 1960 5.1L V8 (312c.i.)

1961 4.8L V8 (292c.i.)

1961 5.8L V8 (352c.i.)

1961 - 1962 6.4L V8 (390c.i.)

1963 - 1964 6.4L V8 (390c.i.)

1965 - 1967 7.0L V8 (427c.i.)

1965 - 1968 6.4L V8 (390c.i.)

1966 - 1967 6.7L V8 (410c.i.)

1966 - 1967 7.0L V8 (427c.i.)

1966 - 1968 6.4L V8 (390c.i.)

1966 - 1968 7.0L V8 (428c.i.)

1967 4.7L V8 (289c.i.)


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